JDG Enterprise

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JDG Enterprise is owned by John David Gilmore (he goes by Dave).  He is a native Kansas resident. His educational background includes a Bachelor’s degree in television/film from KU as well as a Masters degree in communications from MU. Dave continues to work as a cinematographer and director of promotional, training, and educational video projects and is always looking for firearms related video projects! His life long love of firearms led him to open JDG Enterprise in 2007. After obtaining his FFL and SOT (Special Occupational Tax allowing for sales of NFA firearms and suppressors) his first transfer of a registered submachine gun (M11 Cobray shown below) was denied by the BATF. They indicated that the Kansas Attorney General made the decision that neither citizens nor dealers could possess NFA firearms at that time!  Undaunted, Dave organized several other Kansas dealers in the effort and then engaged Senator Phil Journey, State Representative Dennis McKinney, and Jordan Austin of the National Rifle Association. Working together they successfully helped change firearms law in our state in 2008 with the approval of all NFA firearms! Dave’s in-depth NFA knowledge, attention to detail, and customer service have helped make his business a growing success.

The gun that won the Midwest... this is the little MAC that helped changed the law regarding NFA firearms in the State of Kansas!
Gunsmith Services: 
​Due to recent announcements by the US Department of State,  and ITAR, we are 
​suspending some of our gun smith services.    Please
​contact us with your questions.  If we can't perform
the operation you require, we will put you in touch
with someone who can.

NOTICE: Items left unclaimed for 18 months or longer are
subject to forfeiture and will be re-sold.  We will make every
effort to contact the owner before re-selling.  We have had
clients who fail to mail in their Form 4 paperwork and then
pass away or move away forgetting about their merchandise.
We are no longer accepting transfers of suppressors from other
dealers.  You must purchase from our inventory.  Non NFA transfer fee is now $60.00. You must notify us before having a firearm transferred.

JDG Enterprise named Outstanding Business Advocate by KSRA
We are honored to have been selected "Outstanding Business Advocate for 2013" by the Kansas State Rifle Association!