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Powder Springs MAC 10 9MM sub-machinegun AND original sequentially numbered suppressor NIB! In original factory sealed bag and box with manual, magazine, and accessories included. Call or email for pricing!

FRANCHI SPAS 15 12 GA NIB,, fewer than 190 of these in USA, 18” barrel, not an NFA firearm, transfers as a shotgun.  SOLD!

BOWERS GROUP USS .22, .22 rimfire, 17HMR, 22 mag, 5.7X28FN, 8 oz, 6.4"X 1", Disassembles for cleaning.  MSRP $495.00
SWR Spectre II .22 rimfire, 17HMR, .22 mag, 5.7X28FN, 6.8 oz, 5.98" X 1" will disassemble for cleaning,  MSRP $419.00
AAC Ti-RANT 9MM, 8.6 oz, 7.75" X 1.38", will disassemble for cleaning with one mount
 MSRP $858.00
Silencerco Ospry 45acp, 11.1oz, 8.0625" X 1.3" X 1.75" with one mount MSRP $890.00
MSRP prices shown, call or email for your price !
Silencerco Omega, 30 caliber suppressor that will handle them all from 5.56 to Remington 300 Ultra Mag, buy one can and use it on all your rifles with bore diameters .30 or less. Comes with 5/8-24 screw on back and QD mount as well. 14.2 oz, 7”x1.5”, MSRP $1,100.00.

Thunder Beast 223 P-2, 5.56mm, .223. Titanium and stainless. High precision screw on suppressor. 14.4 oz, 7.2”x1.5” with ½-28 thread. For the shooter demanding ultimate long range accuracy.  
MSRP $925.00.

Daniel Defense DDM4 300s, 300 blackout caliber, black finish, semi automatic SBR carbine, 5.77 lbs, 10.3” barrel, Daniel Defense is a major supplier to USSOCOM for CQB combat situations. “Use what they use”. Call for pricing.  DDM4 MK18 5.56 also available.

Liberty Regulator, 22LR, 22WMR, 17M2, 17HMR. 5.5 oz, 6.5”x1”. Titanium tube. One of the quietest available. Disassembles for cleaning 
MSRP $499.00.

Silencerco Octane 45HD, 45acp and works great on 40 and 9 as well. Disassembles for cleaning. 12.1 oz, 8.5”x 1.375” MSRP $849.00 with piston.
Silencerco Salvo 12, 12 GA shotgun suppressor. Length can be modified to suit user. 34.5 oz, 12”x2.96”, MSRP $1,400.00. Adapters and chokes available separately.