JDG Enterprise

JDG Enterprise: Current Inventory 
 transferrable machine guns.  These 
 are on Form 4 currently.  Detailed
 photos on request.

Saco Defense M60 NIB with 2 barrels as originally built by Saco Maremont.  These rarely if ever show up new in the original shipping box. $80,000.00/offers. 

Saco Defense M60 E3!  NIB. Likely the last new one you will ever see.  As it came from Saco also with original box $100,000.00/offers 
​H&R original Uncut Government marked M16A1 in excellent condition.  A very rare firearm.  Excellent condition.  Original H&R gun NOT a re-weld! $29,000.00

Colt M203 40mm grenade launcher.  Unique SN, NIB call for info $6,000.00/offers.  Many 40mm rounds available as well
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HK MP5K PDW with Fleming sear, as new.  Single push pin, SEF lower.  Perfect!  $39,000.00  SOLD!
Colt CAR-15 639 Vietnam vintage gun with XM177 moderator.  Excellent.  Rarely come to market.  $43,000.00/offers.